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Related post: Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 18:26:38 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: ?For Sale By Owner: ReaDy FoR THe CiTy' 03You know the drill: The story below is portal nude angel nymphets a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, of continents or islands, in countries, counties, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, streets, cul-de-sacs, nor governmental or non-governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then why are you here? Seriously, if guy-to-guy sex stuff makes you barf or is going to screw up your mind, you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most nymphets island states and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, silk nymphets by law. 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"And with you doubled in half while I'm fucking your sweet ass, then you only need half a bed, Carm!""You two teenage nymphets pictures can work out your differences," Alex says, departing. As soon as he leaves, he comes face to face with Ellis and Garrett, bringing the bags off the elevator. Alex, both hands together at his mouth resembling a megaphone, yells, "Michael-l-l-l-l come give us a ha-aandah!"Appearing from the theater room, Michael replies, "You're interrupting my movie, but what's up?""Oh bikini nymphets I'm so sorry honey," Alex replies sweetly. Then a more boisterous manner, "But it's like your stuff too?""Oh yeah," Michael replies, then with excitement, "I hope my check is still in my suitcase." Stopping right there at Garrett's feet, Michael unlatches the two locking units, lifts the lid and then sticks his hand in the back. "Yup!" he replies, kissing the check!Looking down, Garrett says, "Did you think I stole it from you?""Nope. I wanted to make sure it was where I nymphet forums put it. Hey, wanna come shopping with me tomorrow and help spend it?"Taking his and Kyle's luggage, Alex says, "Thanks for helping to bring the luggage up, Garrett."Cheerfully, Garrett says, "You're welcome. Michael should have helped. He 'could' use some muscle!""Then maybe you shouldn't come shopping with me tomorrow, Garrett!" Michael gets his 'revenge'.Garrett replies, "Forget it Michael. You already invited me and I'm going!"After climbing the stairs, a young nymphet rape suitcase in one hand, a gymbag over his shoulder, Alex stops in his tracks at the top of the stairs. "What are you doing, splayed out in the bed without a stitch of clothing?""As if you didn't know, Alex?"He then looks to his right, saying, "Hey! That's nice. Where did it come from?"Probably nobody could see up the stairs or over the railing of the loft, into their private chamber, something they had talked about. "Oh while we were away, I had Dante super little nymphet do some shopping for us russian wild nymphet and pick up several modules of furniture and build a wall of sorts for us."Turning to what resembled cubes upon cubes, Alex tests its strength, "Sturdy. Good for storing some books I guess." Then he comes to little nymphets tits the middle one, much wider, with double doors."Go ahead. Open it," Kyle tells him."HDTv? Oh cool!""And look underneath, Alex?" Kyle says, like he's very proud of his accomplishment."OMG! Where did all these come from?" he says, selecting one of the DVD's.Kyle just smiled."Hmm-m-m-m-m," Turning his questioning into something delicious to his eyes, "Foulplay with Pavel Novotny? Nice!""Maybe it'll give you some hints, Alex!""Um, do you really think I need some?""Okay, so I deserved that."Alex then rattles off a few more titles as he thumbs through the long row of DVD's, "Hot House Backroom, little young nymphs College Cock Party, Desk Tops... Alley Cats?" Pulling this one out, Alex surveys the back cover, reading out loud, "When a young man is found murdered, Johnny is taken in as the main suspect. Little does Johnny know how amazingly hot Detective Lazlo is and little nymphets hard a building sexual tension between them makes the little nymphets nude yo interrogation increasingly difficult. But he doesn't dare step out of bounds or Buck, the surly prison guard, just might introduce him to the business end of his long, hard baton. Hmm, I wonder what that means?" he looks over to Kyle.Kyle replies, "Is your baton hard yet?""Um, like do you want me to watch this and get hard or are you going to do it yourself?""Which nymphet teen pic would photos nymphettes nympho you prefer Alex?"Placing the DVD back in the closet, Alex closes both doors, upper and lower. crazy nymphets naked Basing his strip routine on what might be on one of the DVD's, he slowly grabs the tail of his tee shirt, lifting it up overhead. He starts folding it."Gimme that!" Kyle snatches it out of Alex's hands.He smiles, teasing his lover by rubbing his hands up and down his own front."If you're trying to make me jealous, you're doing a good job Alex!"Then, as Alex begins stripping the lower half, he says, "Make your mouth water?""You'll have to wait and see!"After taking his pants, briefs and socks off, Alex stands at the edge of the bed, knees right up against it. "I wonder if Pavel is as big as me?""Now you're making my mouth water Alex!" To throw nymphet wmv more of a hint, Kyle grabs Alex's cock and uses it as a tool to pull him into the bed."Hey-ey-ey-ey!" He exclaims, yielding to Kyle's force of action, raises his arms in an eagle-spread fashion and photo sex nymphette falls into the bed as if doing a belly-flop in a pool."OMG Alex!""What?" he says, turning over on his erotica nymphette left side, which made him face Kyle."I think you busted my balls!""Oh I'm so, so sorry," he says. And then drawing off one of the things which happened at the Stud Muffin Party, Alex gently holds them in his hand, one of Kyle's balls falling out as his thumb does a little massage job. "Feel any better?""Mm-m-m-m," Kyle responds. banned russian nymphets hardcore "Did you think it wouldn't?"Smiling, Alex begins working his bod around till he's kneeling. At this angle he can handle both balls. "And this?" he says, tumbling them. Getting a positive sign, Alex says, "And how about this?" He pairs his cock up with Kyle's cock and slowly strokes both together."Don't you dare come, Alex!"He knew Kyle nymphet small child meant it as a joke, but rightfully thinking, it was making him feel like he was bringing himself to a climax. "Now why would I want to do a thing like that?" He questions, allowing lovely nymphets collection both cocks to flop as he makes his way up to sitting on Kyle's chest."Now this is more like it!"But Alex finds humor in placing his cock on Kyle's lips and when he opens his mouth, he picks it up instead of letting it fall in."Oh come on Alex!"He laughs, but then gets serious because he would rather feel something warm and juicy surrounding it!%After their swim, Ellio had the chore of cleaning up the gardening tools. While doing so, Byron had assembled his wet, soggy clothes and put them in the dryer. Micah carried his dry wardrobe upstairs."I've got a pretty cool room," Byron said as they walked up the stairs."Private?" Micah sort of hinted.Byron replies, as he leads Micah inside, "Like Ellio says, we've got to watch it. My dad is due home today and could walk in the house anytime.""But I thought you were coming out, Byron?" Micah questions as he sits on the bed."I still am, but I'm not sure how to go about it."Coming around the corner of the hallway, Ellio asks, "You guys still hungry?" At the same time, noticing the two sitting next to each other on the bed, "Oh, am I interrupting anything?"Micah smiles, saying, "You look better without clothes, Ellio!" As opposed to Ellio now being fully dressed."Thanks. I'm flattered, but if you hot nymphet pics guys want to get something to eat, young nympho porn we better move it?"So, as Ellio went downstairs to get the car out, Byron and Micah stood, Byron walking to his dresser to find some clothes.Right on his tail was Micah parent directories nymphets and as they both stood before the rather large mirror, Byron could feel, but watched as the pair of hands circle each side of him, Micah holding him captive. "You're not pre nymphets getting away from me without at least a kiss!"Byron looked at himself in the mirror, smiled and then turned in Micah's arms. And like he learned at the Stud Muffin party, did more than friendly kissing, like he did with at least a half dozen models. Unlike the quick kiss to little nymphets cloud the cheek, he leaned in to Micah's lips, as his arms caressing Micah's naked bod.They heard a door slam, model nymphet com Byron saying, "Ellio's got the car out of the garage. We better get ready.""One more?""Okay. asia nymphets years old Last one."Unfortunately for them, it wasn't Ellio and how stunned they were when Byron's father stood there frozen prepub nude nymphet in place like a statue, gazing at his son and another boy, naked, kissing!"Byron, what the fuck is this?" Of course, it was plain for Mr. Rockwell to see. Maybe he didn't want to believe, but then not being able to escape the truth, "You a queer?"Not that he was abandoning Byron, but Micah stepped to the side a bit so Byron could face his father."I've wanted to tell you for the longest time dad, but it just wasn't the right time."In a rough manner, Mr. Rockwell points his finger directly at Byron and dictates, "I want you to get your stuff, pack it in a suitcase and get the fuck youngest nymphets land out of this house... and take this tramp with you!"En route, Ellio had his arms full with baggage. When he heard the cross words, he dropped everything on the floor. Knowing 'something major' ukrainian nymphets was up, he acted cool, saying to Rockwell's back, "What's up?""What's up?" Rockwell addresses Ellio. "What's up is my own flesh and blood is a fuckin' faggot and I won't tolerate having this kind of scum in this house!""You're kicking him out?" Ellio asks. But he could see inside the door for himself, his first reaction, 'OMG, he caught them in the buff?' Secondly, he watched as password to nymphets movies Micah covered himself up with his clothes, Byron doing the same, but taking extra clothing out of his drawers.Indeed he was, so obviously and when Byron went for his laptop, "No, you leave that here. Just get your clothes and leave.""But my homework. It's on my laptop. I like need my schoolbooks."He wasn't a violent man, but in terms of principle, Rockwell knew where he stood, saying, "I can't believe I work my whole life for you, Byron, in hopes of one day you'll get married and provide your mother and I with grandchildren and then what do you do? You become a damn faggot! Well, being you think you're so smart," he again turns on Micah, "to hit on this tramp, you can think about it while you're working for your own things!" Being shocked nymphets gallerie out of his gourd, Rockwell didn't know a thing about how all this went, throwing your 'faggoty' son out of the house, but for now, most things he provided Byron with, he was confiscating, in his mind, psychology thinking about providing for him all these years and now, subtracting all those items from Byron's inventory, with thinking it will make a difference. "I'll be downstairs." And as Rockwell is leaving, his trailing remarks stun, "Thank God your mother is at your aunt's house. It would kill her to learn her own son is a fuckin' queer!"Micah comments, "What difference does it make? She has to find out sooner or later.""Sorry about all this," Ellio says, entering the room."Not as sorry as I teeny angels nymphet am," Byron replies, the three taking up residence on the bed, Byron in the middle. Then, looking over at his desk, "I got like 'all' of my schoolwork on my laptop. Like what am I gonna do?"Getting up, Ellio walks over to it, picks it up and brings it over, lifts the lid of the suitcase and puts it in."Are you crazy Ellio?""A little bit, but he probably won't know it's gone till who knows when?"Being sarcastic, but trying to shed a little humor, Micah says, "He'll probably have you hunted down and arrested for stealing!""I'm pretty covered in that respect," Byron replies, explaining, "I registered the nymphet videos warranty online. It's in my underage nymphets topsites name.""Oh, in that case!" Ellio says, getting up and walking around the room and picks up small trophies, some earned for library club or a pennant from the Yankees game, putting it all in the trash can."I don't really need all that stuff, Ellio.""I know, but...." With hugging the garbage can to his chest, Ellio sits on the bed, saying, "This really pisses me off!"Micah comes up with the idea, "Y'know it would really piss Byron's father off if he had olita team nymphets mpgs young nymphet top to do all the landscaping himself and become a 'poolboy'?"Both heads stare at Micah, question on their pink nymphet little sister faces, 'like where is free nymphets he going with this one?'"Maybe you should T nymphets defect too, Ellio?"Slowly very little underage nymphet Byron changes direction, turning to face Ellio, the two now are staring at him."What is this a conspiracy?"Byron recalls, "Well you did always tell me I've got to stand up for myself, Ellio. Remember you showed me all those karate moves?"Now Ellio confesses, "I russian nymphet sites watched 'The Karate Kid' eleven times.""You mean I could have tried chopping somebody and it wasn't real? Like they could've busted every young nued nymphet bone in my photo nymphets ls bod?""Forget the Jiu Jitsu guys and let's dwell photo nymphette sexe on Ellio coming out?" Micah says."Me?" Ellio says, banging the side of the garbage can, because it obstructed his chest, "come out?"Placing his hand on Ellio's back, Byron rubs it around, saying, "We've always stuck together, like we were real brothers, Ellio, but if you think it's not the right time, I'll... Micah and me nymphets russian kids won't push it."Still he look the two in the eyes. He knew Byron was being sincere. After all, years back he had the feeling he was going to virgin nymphete become close to Byron, maybe wishing it could nudes nymphetes be 'closer', since he really loved the teen. Getting up, he says, "How could I not?" And like a pact, Ellio places his hand on the side of nymphette under age Byron's cheek.Micah thought Ellio was going to kiss him, but he just smiled."I better go get some of my stuff together, huh?" As he goes to walk out, he about faces, asking, "Anybody got any idea where we're going?"Standing, Micah replies, "My place okay?"As Ellio hangs in the doorway, he underage nymphets magazine says, "Meet you out at the garage. And don't worry, I'll tell nudes little nymphets the old man."Byron asks, "That you're coming out?"Smiling, Ellio says, "Us queers have to stick together!" And as he's walking away, "Oh man... he's gonna have a fuckin' cow!""I like Ellio," Micah says."As much as you like me?" Byron questions."I'll have to think about it," Micah replies.Byron takes the opportunity to take a short break from the world, taking Micah in his arms, caressing and kissing.Breaking, the two busy themselves getting ready."You know I, I skipped school today and have to show up tomorrow?""I know. We'll work it out somehow." But then Micah snaps his fingers saying, "Hey, nymphet pedo underground kiddy I've got a really good idea," then not as energetic, "if it works out."In the meantime, Byron stole the pillowcase off the pillow and began stuffing nonessential clothing in nymphets russiam it, all the time making passes at Micah while on his cell phone, trying to find out what he's got cooked up.%In the middle of something intimate, there comes a yelling from down below, "Alex, you and Kyle decent?"They 'got' decent, hearing footsteps on the stairs, what they decisively came in conclusion, had to be the bearer of the voice, Ellis Sinkler!"What's up?" Alex asks, standing there, top sheet draped around his bod like a toga."Oh, am I interrupting anything?" Ellis inquires, holding up a piece of paper. He looks art nymphets top to the bed.A pillow shading his pubes, Kyle responds, "Oh no, Ellis. Now why would you ever think a thing such as that?"Alex snatches the paper out of Ellis' hand, to draw attention to the reason he badgered in on nymphets nude tpg them, saying, "I take it this is for one of us?"Right away Ellis reports, "I forgot. This guy called early this morning, a Chad Monteith and said to get in touch with him. He said it was 'urgent'?""Oh my God!" Alex exclaimed, holding his pec, as if the anxiety which shot through russian nymphets bbs his bod was originating from his heart missing several beats."What is it pussy little nymphets Alex?" Kyle asks, showing concern."I hope nothing's happened to Peter!"Forgetting about being tied up in the sheet, he allowed it to far from his shoulder, then tearing it the rest of young virgin nymphets the way from himself, Alex rushed to his jeans on the chair, seaching for his cellphone."I guess I'll be... going," Ellis worked his way out of the room, seeing himself the least focus of nymphets extreme attention.Kyle listened as silence prevailed, Alex waiting sexy videos of nymphets for Chad to answer. When he did, Alex, concerned with Peter more, asked if he was alright. He sighed with relief, which made Kyle do likewise. The call lasted all of less than ten minutes and when he signed off, Kyle was right there, popping the question, "How's Peter?""Actually in better condition than when we left. So much better, they nymphets ukrain bbs are releasing him what is nymphets from the hospital!" Alex conveys."Great! I bet Chad is like so happy about the good news?"Sitting on the bed, Alex was happy too, but also had something else on his mind.Forseeing this, Kyle asks, "And?""Of course it's good news, but unfortunately for Chad, his boss is being a stinker and wants him to go on a trip to Arizona to have a client sign off on some papers.""He can't take Peter, fresh out of the little china nude nymphets hospital, can he?""Exactly," Alex replies. Then he bestows the news on Kyle, "How would underage nymphet land you like to take care of a ten year old for a week?"Kyle smiles as he lay with his head in the pillow, saying, "I guess that's the part of your conversation with Chad that went 'no problem'?""I hope it's okay I didn't ask you first, but Chad was like so hyper and then when I said it was okay, he sounded so relieved. I'm sorry I didn't consult with you first," Alex replies, lying backwards across Kyle's legs, then realizing it, sits nymphette topless up.As he turns, parks himself next to Kyle, Kyle says, "You don't always have to do that animated nymphets Alex. I trust your judgement. Besides, I think it'll be cool having 'two' kids around the house!""Two?" Alex questions."Peter and 'Michael'?"Alex jokes, "Can you imagine Michael taking Peter toy-shopping with his big winnings?""You don't think little nymphet board index he won't?" Kyle replies frankly."Chad says Peter has to take it easy for a couple of days, which means hanging around.""Really, ilegal nymphets pics I think I will benefit most.""Oh?" Alex asks. "How's that go?"Kyle says, "I never had a little brother. I was Knapp's younger brother. There wasn't anybody younger pink portal nymphets than me to play with.""Oh... So, did you young nymphet gallleries play with yourself often?" Alex put the idea across, his hand juggling Kyle's nymphet model balls."Some, but it wasn't nearly half the fun as you playing with me!""Oh really? No fair you having all the fun!" Alex lies down, placing his hands behind his head."You're right and I'm getting 'so bored' lying here and doing nothing!" Kyle got busy!%When Byron and Micah reported to the driveway with the last of the stash, Ellio was already in his car."Hey, what's wrong bro?" Byron coaxed Ellio 'awake', from keeled over the steering wheel of his car."I'm doomed!" Ellio replies. "I did like nymphet cp pedo I was going to do and like," he sort of 'sings' it, "and your dad said he was getting on the phone right away with my father and telling him how mean, rude and cruel I was to him, standing up nude sexy nymphets for you and.... well you just wait till my father hears... that's when the shit hits the fan!"Sitting in the middle home little nymphets elite nymphets underage of the two, Micah to his right, Byron places his hand on his older friend's shoulder for comfort and asks, "What do you mean?""What he's saying," Micah spells it in plain english, "if I'm reading this right, Ellio isn't 'out' to his father?""You aren't bro?" Byron asks.Turning his head, resting the side of his face on his pillowed bicep, Ellio replies, "You got it."Shrugging his shoulders, Byron puts it light-heartedly, "Well, I guess the three of us are on the run now!""You got that right," Ellio replies, leaving room for speculation.Micah says, "You're acting like your father is putting a hitman on your tail, Ellio.""Worse. First I'll be disowned, disgraced and if I ever want to see any money from... oh shit!"Before any of them could converse a minute more, Ellio keys the ignition, puts the car in reverse and back out, nymphets teen sends Byron and Micah bracing themselves from using the windshield for a target."What's he doing?" Micah questions.Byron asks, "What are you doing Ellio?""Trying to beat your naked latina nymphets father's phone call to the bank. At least I can withdraw some money before my father cuts it off!"And so it went, Ellio tearing up the rural road, moderately speeding east up Rt. 27 petite nymphet model and then cutting off the main drag, cursing before taking young nymphet nude photos the only free parking space, a handicap spot. Not caring at this point, Ellio jumps out, followed by Byron and Micah on his tail.Looking a bit disheveled, Ellio had one of his shirttails hanging out of his buttoned down shirt, most of the buttons unfastened. "Oh man! This is like going to take all day!" he says of the four open tellers, each with a line like they were giving money away.Micah nudges Ellio in the ribs, telling him, "How about putting porno nymphettes on some charm and try that guy over there sitting at his desk, doing nothing?"He already had his passbook out and saying, "Right," tucked the book between his teeth as he looks down, uses both hands to tuck his shirt in and little nymphets under 12 buttons up his shirt to the collar. Walking right up to the desk, he clears his throat, "A-hem."The bank-dude looks up.At first Ellio got a plain, blank stare, showing impersonality or perhaps a wordless statement meant to evoke, 'What the fuck you want? You can wait on line like everybody nymphette bbs else!', but instead the clerk's indifferent demeanor gave way to a slight cringe of the lips in a positive manner."I've got some important business nymphets promo and," Ellio looks to his sides, "I've got to get my little brothers back to school."It was really strange and they would joke about this later, but the clerk compares Ellio and Micah, but had questions about Byron, "I don't see the family resemblance?"Trying to make it seem so, Ellio takes both under the wings of his arms and quips, "Yep! youngest nymphet models We're one big, happy family!"Figuring they had it all cinched, the clerk says, "What can I do for you?"Even though he was here on bank business, other thoughts crept into Ellio's mind, being the svelt personality, emanating from the impeccably untarnished costume nymphet thumbs suit, tie, white shirt and perfectly coiffed hair turned him on somewhat, to the point he lost his train of thought.'Oh boy,' Micah thought, seeing 'it' right away. Stealing the nymphets in panty passbook out of nymphet paradise naked Ellio's hand, he says, "Ellio wants nymphet models 11 years to withdraw his savings."A hand reaches out, saying, "I'm sure child nymphet bbs I can help you out with that." And even though the thirty-something clerk was dealing with Micah at this point, his attention focused on Ellio. After looking at the name on the passbook, he says, "Oh yes, Mr. Baccolini, I met your father a few days ago when I arrived for my first day on the job."Ellio replies, "And you are?"He looks to his suit jacket pocket, saying, "Oops! Forgot to nymphet chat put my ID on!"A young nymphet pedo pics natural response, with some humor, Byron asks, "You don't know who you are?" He gets a nudge from Ellio.But the bank-dude thought it was funny, laughs and produces a little golden bar with a clip, clipping it on his pocket, saying, "Awstin Brynmor. Nice to meet you." And like Ellio's first on arrival, reaches across the desk to shake his hand."Uh yeah," Ellio accepts the gesture, "nice meeting you too."Maybe Byron wasn't getting it, but Micah had to look towards the tellers, like something interested him in order to conceal his wide grin and fight off of laughter, at the manner in which the two were connecting.Then, without further hesitation, Awstin gets out of his chair, passbook in hand and says, "I'll take care littlle nymphets of this right away Mr. Baccolini."But as he's walking away, Ellio's not littel nymphets bbs concealing nymphet models blog a thing, saying softly nymphet image board so only the other two could hear, "Nice ass!"%Copyright 2010 T. Chase McPhee`For Sale By Owner: ReaDy FoR THe CiTy' may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.The more you stretch, the more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP.....
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